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Is your Actors Access profile working for you? Do your current materials reflect what you can do as an actor?
Gain insight from a working talent manager to help you elevate your assets and learn what managers are looking for from talent.

*Personal attention will be given to each actor's materials so class size is limited to 8*

In this 90 minutes industry intensive, Joe will personally review each actor's materials and provide feedback, insight and direction. Bringing his experience as a working talent manager, actors will learn how to elevate their assets and learn what managers look for in talent. Attendees can participate in a live Q & A throughout the session.


Ready to begin booking co-star roles?

Want feedback on your self-tapes?

Lorrie started the self-tape program at Actors Connection in 2010 and continued to manage it and self-tape actors until the shutdown in March. Putting actors on tape all day, 5 days a week for years allowed her to see the differences between the actors who booked constantly and those who didn't book. Sharpen those co-star audition skills while learning how to produce a competitive audition tape. Lorrie will assign you sides to self-tape and send back to her for use in the class.


Looking for another way to alleviate stress?

Experience performance anxiety?

Need a few laughs?

Professional Improv Instructors, Kelly MacFarland & Matt Fear, will take participants through improv exercises designed for handling stressful situations. Throughout this session, we re-frame "fight or flight" to "stay and play." Improv is based on taking risks, pivoting with ease and being present. These skills reduce stress and create a positive environment. During this playful session, everyone will discover their inner improviser and each participant will experience the power of Yes, And.

I credit ActorPlaybook, all of the information and especially Jami with a lot of the success I have had in a very short amount of time. 

Janel Scott


Your sensitivity is so positive and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with me. The workshop was awesome. 

Christine Altan


After a break in acting, it was great practice doing audition exercises. Jami has more in store, so contact her if you're in need of some help getting your passion for acting ignited! 

Debra Gagnon


About ActorPlaybook Founder,
Jami Tennille

Jami Tennille is an actor, mentor, screenwriter, and filmmaker with award-winning work, including the academy award winner, “Manchester By The Sea.” Jami is also the founder of ActorPlaybook, an online platform providing actors with classes, workshops and industry resources. She strives to cultivate a community of actors who feel 110% supported in their craft.