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w/Bohemia Group Manager, Joe Girard

DATE: Wednesday, October 28th @4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

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Joe began his entertainment career in Worcester MA where he grew up and started in radio broadcasting; eventually working ON AIR in markets like Modesto, Sacramento, Greenville, and Charleston, S.C. He spent 10+ years working with some of the biggest TOP40 brands & music labels in the country before heading west to Los Angeles.

Having worked on various television and film productions and executing the day to day responsibilities of one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Joe is excited to bring that type of individual focus and attention to each of his clients at Bohemia. The experience and access gained working closely with some of Hollywood's elite Directors and Producers, opened many doors that Joe now has access to including team management and content creation for countless high level entrepreneurs, authors, and influencers.

Recent synergy brought Joe together with Bohemia Group's CEO Susan Ferris, having connected over their Boston roots and east coast work ethic, he is eager to continue adding to the legacy Bohemia has created both with their clients and throughout the industry.

Is your Actors Access profile working for you?

Do your current materials reflect what you can do as an actor?
Gain insight from a working talent manager to help you elevate your assets and learn what managers are looking for from talent.

*Personal attention will be given to each actor's materials so class size is limited to 8*


  • Attendees will send their AA Link and any additional assets to jami@actorplaybook upon enrollment
  • Joe will personally review all attendee materials
  • During the workshop Joe will discuss each actor's assets, provide feedback, insight and direction
  • Attendees can participate in a live Q & A throughout the session

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