From “Angela’s Ashes” to “Derry Girls,” the accents of Ireland never cease to delight audiences.

Always in high demand for professional actors, the accents of Ireland will be covered and practiced in depth. This 4-week intensive includes:

Week 1: A one page scene will be provided and all actors must prep that scene in the target language to perform/see where they are at in class 1. Feedback and notes will be given along with instruction.

Week 2: Actors bring a scene and perform, with the understanding that they are in workshop mode.

Week 3: Continued practice and development of the accent using the same scene as week 2.

Week 4: Actors will select a new 1.5-2 page scene and create a self-tape using their Irish accent. Tapes will be viewed in class as a group. Feedback and notes will be given.

**There is a prerequisite for this class. Actors must watch the two foundational Irish accent and dialect class replays available on the main site upon login.

All actors with a Premier Membership are eligible to attend these bi-weekly accent and dialect classes for no additional fee.

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Instructor Bio:

Paula studied acting at the University of Missouri, then at the Lee Strasberg Institute of New York.

She was trained in language acquisition methods by the Berlitz Institute in Rockefeller Center and has a Master’s degree in linguistic anthropology.

Paula teaches 50 accents and speaks Spanish, German, Bosnian, Russian, French (plus a little Italian, Japanese and Arabic).

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Class Format

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